Instructions for upgrading iMob Online with Respect Points

Follow the instructions below to upgrade your iMob account with Respect Points.

1. Download one of the Respect Point apps to your iPhone/iTouch. Currently there are four options for you to choose from: 10 Respect Points, 75 Respect Points, 200 Respect Points and 400 Respect Points.

2. Launch the newly downloaded app.

3. The app will upgrade your account and reward you respect points. You will see the following screen.

4. Immediately close the app & delete it. (Rate it five stars after deleting! :p )

5. Launch the original ‘iMob Online’ app and enjoy your respect points!

Step 4 is very important. Do not play the game from the new app as it may cause your account to become out of sync. Now get out there and crack some skulls!

–The Don

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