Update on anti cheating and 40 RESPECT POINTS for non cheaters

The 500 respect points that were rewarded to only a few users had NOTHING to do with being rewarded for not cheating. This was to correct a nasty anti cheating bug that happened to a few accounts. Once again this was never meant for everyone only for the tiny amount of accounts that this bug effected.

We have made much progress against cheaters but there is much work to be done. Version 1.04 came out Saturday (if you are on a old version or are not sure TAP HERE TO UPDATE ) that fixes fight lists saying none and profiles saying none for weapons and properties.. There have been many improvements to the system over the weekend. we implemented monitoring tools to watch suspect accounts and many cheaters have already been removed. We realize that we have more work to do but all of this should be resolved very soon so keep reading this blog and following us on twitter ( www.twitter.com/imobdeveloper ) for updates.

For your patience I have rewarded all non cheaters 40 respect points!!! Spend them wisely.

-The Don


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